The fascination of Rügen in 2020

In the sunny month of May the island of Rügen starts officially into the new season. But even in the months before, Rügen does attract visitors. A diverse series of events, such as the Festspielfrühling Rügen (March 13th to March 22nd), the Easter Bonfire Mile in Binz (April 11th), the Wanderfrühling (April 17th to April 26th), or the Putbuser Bärlauchtage, will be on the agenda. The hotels draw guests with special packages, exclusive spa offers, and healing chalk treatments. This year, Rügen’s calendar of events is once more filled with entertainment – whether in the theatre of Putbus or in the Cabaret theatre “Lachmöwe” in Baabe, in museums and galleries, in the seaside resorts or in more remote places. 2020 is a very special year for the island, since it focuses on the varied sounds of Rügen. Like any other place in the world, Rügen has its very own melody. Whether natural soundscapes of strolls along the beach or buzzing sounds of a jolly party – music is vacation for the soul. Since this year’s theme revolves around the sounds of the island („Inselklänge”), the Tourismuszentrale Rügen invites you to come and listen.

200th anniversary of Putbus theatre

200 years ago the classicist theatre of Putbus was built - it has been performing ever since. The theatre will celebrate the birthday with a series of concerts between April and December – in the theatre and also in the historical park nearby – as well as with readings and even a unique musical, which shows the life of the city founder – Prince Wilhelm Malte of Putbus.

Wild Garlic Days

From April 3rd to 12th the historical park in Putbus will be filled with wild garlic and it’s spicy smell. Wild Garlic is particularly healthy – and very tasty. Of course, the chefs of the island know this and create the most delicious meals with this special ingredient.

Regular Beach Cleanups

From April to October, nature lovers can go hiking and do something to protect the environment and at the same time by collecting trash at the beach and on the promenade in Baabe.

A month dedicated to Resort Architectur

Dreamy bay windows, playful wood carvings, and fanciful weather vanes await visitors at the seaside resort Binz in the eastern part of the island of Rügen. They decorate the white Resort Architecture villas, which have become the town’s USP. From May 1st to May 31st, these villas and the history of resort life in Binz will be in the focus of special events and projects during the “Resort Architecture Month”.

Störtebeker and his pirates conquer Rügen

Attracting some 300,000 visitors every year, the Störtebeker Festival in Ralswiek is Germany’s most successful open-air festival. In 2020, the legendary pirate Klaus Störtebeker and his crew will once again set out on new adventures – this time under the title “In the Face of the Wolf”. That is the name of the new staging featuring lot’s of action, 150 contributors, horses, cogs, and a unique firework over the Großer Jasmunder Bodden. The Störtebeker Festival will run from June 20th to September 5th, 2020. A must-see for every visitor to Rügen!

Duckstein Festival set to thrill visitors

From August 21st until 30th, the Duckstein Festival, which offers arts, culture, and culinary delights, will attract visitors to the Baltic Sea. This cultural highlight will take place in the seaside resort Binz. The town centre, the boardwalk, and the main street will be turned into a colourful festival ground, where locals and tourists alike can experience a diverse set of cultural events in a pleasant atmosphere, including selected jazz, world music, soul, lounge, tango, or flamenco.

Rügen Cabaret Regatta

From September 8th until October 4th, the town of Putbus invites guests to the Rügen Cabaret Regatta, where famous Cabaret artists come together.

The island for active holidaymakers

The Following is a selection of the most important dates for active holidaymakers on Rügen in 2020

17. – 26.04. Wanderfrühling: In April, it’s time to hike! The offers range from expert guided tours through the island’s natural and cultural landscapes to hiking trips to historical places.

25.04.-03.05. Rügener Fisch(er)tage: The island of Rügen without fresh fish? Unimaginable! The Fisch(er)tage allow a glimpse behind the scenes of fisherman´s routine. But also the relish of homemade fish dishes in the restaurants of the island is in the focus.

21.05. – 23.05. Rügenclassics: every year since 1997 Rügen becomes the venue for a popular vintage car rallye. Vintage car fans from all over Germany present their beloved cars and drive over the island along picturesque dense avenues of trees and coastlines. Guests get to admire the vintage vehicles at the presentation points in Binz or Sassnitz.

22.08. Vilmschwimmen: Every year since 1999, up to 320 recreational and competitive swimmers meet up in Lauterbach to plunge into the water of the Bay of Greifswald. The athletes will have to cover a distance of 2,500 metres between the island of Vilm and the port of Lauterbach.

02. – 04.10. Beach Polo Cup Sellin: National and international polo teams with about 60 Argentinian horses will compete in exciting so-called “chukkas” at the Sellin Pier and thrill the audience.

03.10. Kap-Arkona Run: This run leads the participants from Juliusruh to Kap Arkona along marvellous shorelines. Ambitious runners can also run back to Juliusruh. Fascinating views provide a great reward for the runners along the 10-kilometre or half-marathon distances.

19. September – 25. Oktober Aktivherbst: Rügen remains active in autumn! A diverse programme will include more than 80 guided hiking tours and other activities.

10.-17.10. October Woche der Nachhaltigkeit: On the island of Rügen you can smell, taste and feel sustainability. For seven days straight the focus will be on regional producers and their products - made with love.

17.10. Rügenbrückenmarathon: A major running event taking place for the eigth time. The Rügenbückenmarathon is the only occasion to access the bridge connecting Rügen to the Hanseatic city of Stralsund by foot or on a bike. A varied accompanying programme in the harbour of Stralsund awaits all friends and families who support the runners.

A paradise for hiking enthusiasts and other active holidaymakers

Rügen owes its worldwide fame to the Romantics – immortalized in compositions, books, poems, and paintings, some of which have become unaffordable today. However, even before the Romantics, it was Johann Jacob Grümbke who first described the island’s beauty, its history, and the mentality of the islanders. By foot, he and his contemporaries explored the island – slowly, without haste, leaving them time to observe and philosophize. At the chalk cliffs on the Jasmund peninsula, in the rugged north or on the summits of the "Zickersche Alpen", visitors can let their minds wander, recharge their batteries and discover unique natural monuments on the Semper castle grounds or in the parks and gardens of the island. Rügen is worth a visit – at any time of the year. A holiday destination and a place of longing that has many surprises to offer.

Tourismuszentrale Rügen GmbH

"Rügen. Wir sind Insel." (roughly translated as: "Rügen. More than an island.") Since 2001, this has been the slogan used by the Tourismuszentrale Rügen – Gesellschaft für Marketing und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit mbH (TZR) to promote the island of Rügen around the world. The TZR is a municipal corporation owned by the Baltic Sea resorts of Binz, Sellin, Baabe, and Göhren, as well as by the towns of Sassnitz and Putbus.